Our Story



Cheryl is a licensed esthetician and founder of Soulé Skincare in Woodland Hills, CA., where she specializes in acne and ethnic skin. Cheryl became a licensed esthetician by the state of California in 2012. She then went on to advance her career by training at the world-renowned International Dermal Institute. With a passion for more knowledge, she attended the PCA Skin Academy and became certified in advanced chemical peel treatments. She's worked professionally with brands such as PCA Skin, Rhonda Allison, Image Skincare, Murad, DNA Health Institute, Viktoria Deann, and Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills just to name a few. Constantly setting new heights for herself, she went on to earn additional certifications in Cosmetic Ingredients, Acne, and Treating Multi-ethnic skin.

After noticing a huge void in the industry for products and treatments safe for darker skin tones, she decided to bridge this gap by devoting her practice solely to ethnic skin and acne. Cheryl has been contributing editor to various skincare blogs and has written several articles related to skincare and ethnic skin in particular. Since 2014, Cheryl has personally cleared thousands of client’s faces and has received 
Raving Reviews. Her clinic was voted one of the top facial salons in 2017 by Woodland Hills magazine. 

After 10 years of successfully treating acne clients at her clinic, Cheryl is excited to launch A.C.N.E. Solutions, where each product has been proven safe and effective for all grades of acne and all skin tones. Her products are now available without a prescription to acne warriors all across the country. 

Acne is a problem. We have the solution!