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Do I Really Need To Exfoliate?

 Let’s face the fact that we all aspire and make efforts to keep our skin looking and feeling its best. However, it’s not as simple as it may sound. Maintaining a youthful, smooth, and plump complexion requires following a proper skincare regimen using the right products. It’s needless...

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The Magic of Mandelic Acid

Smearing acid onto your face might sound a bit scary at first. However, exfoliating acids are indeed the best skincare ingredients that can help to treat all kinds of skin problems from blackheads and acne to wrinkles and stubborn melasma. If you’re a skincare enthusiast you might be...

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Acne Myths and Misconceptions

While the skincare industry is evolving rapidly and there are now more skincare products available on the market for every skin concern than ever before, many people are still struggling to get rid of common skin problems, such as acne. Widespread misconceptions and rumors are one of the...

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5 Ways to Avoid Acne Breakouts

Your skin, the largest and most exposed organ of your body, comes in contact with a myriad of harmful external elements, such as free radicals, smoke, bacteria, dirt, and numerous other toxins. Most of us think of keeping our skin protected, smooth, and clear only in terms of...

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What is Mascne & How to Treat It

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, wearing a face mask on a regular basis has become the new normal around the globe. Although it helps to prevent the spread of the virus, many of you might also be experiencing a new type of skin issue, known as maskne....

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